The competitive landscape has extended significantly for the financial services industry. Consumers have fast access to online user reviews, financial product comparisons and easy switching, making them savvier and more demanding. More than that, research wise, it’s challenging to make people talk about their money, but we’ve inquisitive and ask the right question on the right tone and we get the complete answers.

Our combination of research excellence with experienced banking knowledge means that we provide actionable insights that support decision-making at a tactical and strategic level. We deliver practical, insightful, relevant, recommendations which have become a must have for our clients.
Our specialists have more than 10 years of experience on financial system & most sub-markets: insurances, banking, investment services, non-banking institutions, extra-salary benefits market, gambling sector, non-profit financial organizations. We also had the chance to meet all types of targets: general target, premium clients, digital one, Micro/SME/Corporate​, liberal professions​, entrepreneurs​, employees​ etc.