We believe in people and their passions, and Mind the Gap is about our passion for market research. And about the desire to always provide our Clients with the right solution. Mind the Gap means people who have brought their experience and enthusiasm together to evolve alongside high value brands and businesses.

At Mind the Gap we celebrate our individualities, but we are first and foremost a TEAM. A team where we gladly inspire each other and have turned this into a mode of operation.

We believe that it’s the people who provide value to projects, and that doing things right, dedication and engagement are the elements that make the difference. We don’t do things just for the sake of doing them. What we do, we do from the heart and with the desire to pass on what’s good and valuable.

At Mind the Gap, we wish to impart to our Clients the joy of working together, and we wish to be a source of inspiration and confidence for them through all stages of our collaboration.

We love to be creative and flexible with the solutions we provide, while always keeping in mind their efficiency. We know how important it is for our Clients to receive not only prompt, but also realistic and actionable solutions.