With co-creation, the participants – which may include client’s representatives, suppliers, strategic agencies and the consumers – are made aware that they are contributing towards the development of ideas and concepts. And usually, they can have robust and dynamic discussions, which often spiral into unexpected areas, and they can spark bold ideas that no one group member would have thought of alone. Practically, you still steer product innovation, but consumers have a seat at the (head of the) table.

Why co-creation has a business value:
Much more innovation potential: because it reunites people with the creative and intellectual skill sets ready to give their best in the process. Above all, co-creation will give you all sorts of applicable insights in real time.

Much faster results: most of the times it can take months from the initial idea to the final product. With the right people and technology, the results are closer than one may think.

A more intimate connection between your target customers and your brand- consumers become part of the brand’s life.
Money saving – less time on the route the market.


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