Using appropriate tools is a key factor.
That’s why, we take research design seriously. It requires skills and experience to choose the right approach for the objectives of interest. We like to combine, customize and stay creative when it comes to ways of bringing up insights.
Our in-person and technology-based qualitative designs go beyond the surface of top-of-mind reactions and behavior traits. We do this by applying a variety of exploratory and creative techniques.
When this combination of research is paired with the experience levels and marketing background of our consultants, the result is a 360-degree understanding of the person behind your consumer.


Our team reunites experts with solid background on different markets. We have the resources to conduct research projects on a wide variety of industries, from financial services to FMCG, retail to media and entertainment, healthcare to industrial… and a wealth of experience in other areas too. We have delivered projects for companies across different sectors and on different business needs, including new trends identification, market opportunities exploration, brand and communication, client research & customer journey understanding.
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