Oana has over 20 years’ experience in market research, of which 16 years spent as Head of Qualitative Research of the largest market research agency in Romania. Along with Mirela and Andreea she is a representative of the first generation of market researchers in post-1990 Romania.
From the elements that provide consistency to her background, the most important ones are the identification of opportunities for the implementation and adapting of qualitative research methods to the specificities of the Romanian market and consumers, consultancy for decisions related to brand & product portfolio strategy and positioning, facilitation of workshops for the identification of strategic, positioning and communication opportunities, and for product insight generation and communication to partners from various industries


She always likes to go to new places, she loves the sea and books and she dreams about going on a trip around the world. She is a reading aficionado, and if time travel were possible she would like to visit ancient Rome.
If she had not been a market researcher, she would have liked to be a journalist. She is most passionate about sports and is one of Messi’s biggest fans. We have begun to love him, too. 😊
The place where her heart is: Italy. However, she is not indifferent to Romania either. If she’s not at the office, try 2 Mai or Sighisoara. 😊.
She laughs until she cries, she likes vivid, fresh colors and totally loves dogs.