Adriana has over 8 years’ experience in market research, having worked with one of the most trusted market research companies as well as with one of the major players in the media industry. At the latter she was also a brand manager, an experience that gave her the opportunity to be involved in strategic brand decisions as well as in developing and implementing marketing campaigns with various objectives.
Her areas of expertise cover Media, FMCG and Online.



Slavi, as we fondly call her, is “the cool one” in our team. She is always au courant with trends, finds cool stuff in the most unexpected places. Whilst she loves music, karaoke vocal skills are not exactly her strength. Just wait until you hear her! 😊
Adi adds a delicate note to our team, yet underneath she conceals significant strength and determination, hence she is always surprising! She gives a wonderful massage, is a consummate host, loves good coffee, good stories and autobiographies.